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October 9, 2005


In England in the 1960s, the military conducted secret germ warfare tests over the community of Norwich. Cadmium, known at the time to be carcinogenic, was dropped on four occasions in order to measure the spread of the particles. Now the community suffers a higher rate of esophageal cancer, often striking people who neither smoked nor drank.

Each dot represents one of the cancer victims in the Norwich Evening News dossier handed to health secretary Patricia Hewitt in September 2005.

Top-level probe into chemical tests. The Government has caved into pressure for a full inquiry into controversial germ warfare tests carried out over Norwich in the 1960s. Norwich Evening News, England. 8 December 2005.

Was woman youngstest test victim? Tracy Ann Snelling died in 1989 after cancer ravaged her throat. Today, her brother Nick Walker is campaigning for a full investigation into the release of cancer-causing cadmium by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) over the Norwich, England in 1963 and 1964. Norwich Evening News, England. 12 October 2005.

Cancer mum joins our test campaign. A woman who has just been operated on for oesophageal cancer today called for answers as to whether her illness was caused by secret germ tests over Norwich. Norwich Evening News, England. 4 October 2005.

Revealed: The spread of cancer victims. A map of Norwich shows the devastating legacy that secret MoD tests may have left on the city, as revealed by clusters of oesophageal cancer. Norwich Evening News, England. 22 September 2005.

100 victims: Thousands demand action. Pressure was today mounting for an official inquiry into chemical tests carried out over Norwich in the 1960s after the Evening News's dossier of cancer victims reached the 100 mark. Norwich Evening News, England. 10 September 2005.

MoD tests affected most of country. Many more Norfolk families than first thought might have been exposed to the cadmium chemicals dropped by the Ministry of Defence over the county in secret germ warfare tests in 1963. Norwich Evening News, England. 8 September 2005.

Risks of cadmium were known. The dangers of cancer-causing chemical cadmium were published in a report a decade before government scientists dropped 120lbs of the toxin on Norwich in a defence experiment. Norwich Evening News, England. 7 September 2005.

Chemical was also used in our factory. The debate over whether chemical tests over Norwich contributed to high cancer rates in the city took a new twist today. Norwich Evening News, England. 29 August 2005.

Did my parents die from secret tests? A Norfolk woman today spoke of her fears that secret chemical experiments carried out over Norwich claimed the lives of both her parents. Norwich Evening News, England. 25 August 2005.

More deaths linked to secret tests. The number of people affected by a rare cancer linked to secret germ warfare tests over Norwich today spiralled to more than 70. Norwich Evening News, England. 23 August 2005.

Clarke: I want answers over secret tests. Home Secretary Charles Clarke has backed calls for an investigation into secret germ tests carried out over the skies Norwich. The Norwich South MP is to demand answers from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) over chemical experiments conducted in the city in the 60s. Norwich Evening News, England. 19 August 2005.

Norwich 'more suitable' for tests. The chief scientist behind the potentially dangerous secret germ warfare tests carried out in Norwich in the 1960s admitted at the time public knowledge of them would be "politically embarrassing." Norwich Evening News, England. 16 August 2005.

Cancer dossier still growing. Another five cancer victims were today linked to secret chemical tests carried out over Norwich in the 1960s. Norwich Evening News, England. 12 August 2005.

New hope for chemical test families. Families who believe their loved ones died of cancer caused by secret chemical tests in the skies above Norwich could be in line for up to 250,000 compensation. Norwich Evening News, England. 10 August 2005.

City's secret chemical tests unearthed. Further details of secret germ warfare tests carried out on Norwich families in 1964 were today unearthed by the Evening News. Norwich Evening News, England. 5 July 2005.

A different esophageal cancer cluster with cadmium exposure:

Water contamination and esophageal cancer at Gassim Region, Saudi Arabia. Gastroenterology. 1990 May;98(5 Pt 1):1141-7.
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