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Terry Nordbrock, MLS, MPH Executive Director Terry in her own words: I wasn’t paying any attention to environmental health until my younger son Linus was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001. His oncologists said that the cause of childhood leukemia... » read full text

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held an oversight hearing on disease clusters and environmental health. This hearing assessed the potential environmental health effects related to disease clusters. Erin Brockovich, President of Brockovich Research and Consulting was among the... » read full text

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Eighteen children associated with Sierra Vista have been diagnosed with leukemia, and four have died. This is over three times the expected rate for this small desert town near a military base. See a timeline and read official documents about the cluster. »
FACT has received word that three children from Sierra Vista were diagnosed with leukemia within a one-month period this Summer. FACT has attempted to confirm this news with the Arizona Cancer Registry, who did not answer the question. It is... »
Communities across the country are experiencing high rates of disease. Currently, chronic diseases like cancer, birth defects, and multiple sclerosis are responsible for seven out of ten deaths in the United States.  »
Floyd Sands, age 56, passed away May 29, 2009 after battling brain cancer. Floyd Sands has been a powerful voice about the need for investigation into the Fallon childhood cancer cluster and response to the children's health crisis. Floyd... »
Here are some precautions you can take to reduce your families exposure to toxics and carcinogens, and a resource list for more information. »

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